ARC to Develop Outbreak & Epidemic Insurance for African Sovereigns

African Risk Capacity is developing cover for disease outbreaks and epidemics.  In the aftermath of the Ebola crisis that ravaged West Africa last year, ARC Member States requested the development of these services at last week's African Union Summit in Addis Ababa.

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Papa Zoumana Diarra: “ARC est né de la volonté des Chefs d’États africains”

Chef des opérations et du planning d'Urgences de la Société d'Assurance ARC Limited (ARC Ltd),  Papa Zoumana Diarra revient sur le rôle de cette nouvelle structure de l'Union Africaine en charge de l'assurance contre les catastrophes.

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African Risk Capacity elects first African Director General

Mr. Mohamed Beavogui of Guinea was elected as first African ARC Director General (DG). He will serve a four-year term of office beginning September 2015, taking over from interim DG, Dr Richard Wilcox.

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