Risk Pool II – 2015/2016

Risk pool II, which covers the 2015/2016 rainfall seasons, consists of:

 kenya  mauritania  niger  ssenegal  gambia  mali
Kenya Mauritania Niger Senegal The Gambia Mali

These countries made history by becoming the second group of African Union Member States to operationalize Pan-Africanism through a ground-breaking financial instrument, taking a major step towards transforming the disaster response paradigm on the continent and pioneering a move towards African ownership in this space.

Criteria for Certificates of Good Standing and Compliance Rules

Countries wishing to take out contracts for insurance with the African Risk Capacity Insurance Company Limited must hold a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) with the ARC Agency. The criteria governing the issuance and withdrawal of CGS, undertaken by the Governing Board, were approved by the Conference of the Parties at their second meeting in Nairobi in November 2013.

The Conference of the Parties also approved Compliance Rules for ensuring countries’ compliance with approved Contingency Plans as described in the Establishment Agreement (15.1.m). These Rules outline a schedule of penalties for deviations from Plans, differing in severity depending on the nature of the breach. The Rules are below:

Compliance Rules





Operations Plans

Among the requirements to acheive a Certificate of Good Standing, all countries must have their Operations Plans approved by the Agency Governing Board. The Standards and Guidelines against which countries’ Operations Plans are measured are below:

Contingency Planning Standards and Guidelines



The Plans of the members of the second pool have all been approved, and are available for download below:

The Gambia