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Devex – December 21, 2015 Africa: $150 million for climate-related disaster risk insurance

Artemis – December 17 2015 ARC gets $150m in support from COP21 countries

IRIN – December 11 2015 Briefing on climate financing

Der Tagesspiegel – December 11 2015 Versicherung soll Leid nach Klimaschaden abmildern

Reuters – December 10, 2015 A plea from small islands: more insurance for climate change

CNN – December 9 Why the Paris climate summit matters to Africa

Forbes – December 9 Insuring Africa against climate catastrophe

Government of Canada – December 5, 2015 Canada to invest C$50m in G7 Climate risk insurance initiative in developing countries

Bloomberg – December 4, 2015 Climate Risk Insurance Gains Momentum on Paris Sidelines

Financial Times – Beyond BRICS – December 7 2015 How Innovation is Protecting Africa’s Most Vulnerable from Extreme Weather

Pacific Standard – December 4, 2015 At COP21, a Frantic Debate Over Climate Aid and some Hopeful News about Climate Insurance

Telegraph – December 3, 2015 Justine Greening: Our choice is climate aid or more refugees

Le Monde Afrique – December 3 Les Africains méritent une meilleure assurance contre les dégâts climatiques

Blue and Green Tomorrow – December 2 2015 COP21: $1b Mobilised to Protect the Vulnerable From Extreme Climate

De Wereld Morgen – December 1 2015 Landbouw en visserij hardest getroffen door klimaatopwarming

Artemis – December 1 2015 Ban Ki-Moon, Obama in insurance pledges at Paris COP21 climate talks

Artemis – December 1 2015 Obama pledges $30m U.S. support to PCRAFI, CCRIF and ARC

US Department of State – December 1 U.S. Climate Risk Insurance Announcement

United Nations Secretary General Statement – November 30 Secretary-General’s remarks at High-level meeting on Climate Resilience

Global Climate Finance Magazine – November 30 African countries turn to insurance to safeguard against climate change

UNA-UK New World Magazine – November 30 Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala looks to African peers for innovative climate finance (page 16)

Deutsche Welle – November 23 COP 21 : enjeux pour l’Afrique


Replica Coverage:

Artemis – December 2, 2015 ARC opens parametric insurance products to organisations and NGOs

Intelligent Insurer – December 3, 2015 ARC to double insurance coverage

Artemis – October 2 2015 Start Network looks to parametrics and cat bonds for crisis response


ARC Outbreaks and Epidemics R&D

The Rockefeller Foundation – August 20 2015 Development in the 21st Century is About Financing, Not Giving: Advanced Health, Impact Investing and Innovative Finance

African Law and Business – June 23 2015 Transparency in the Time of Ebola: Encouraging the Timely Sharing of Outbreak Data 

Artemis – May 27 2015 Metabiota provides risk analytics for epidemic risk transfer products

The Africa Report – June 2 2015 An African insurance outbreak

Wall Street Journal – May 20 2015 Virus Hunter Metabiota Finds Niche in Epidemic Research

Market Place – May 22 2015 Insuring governments against disease outbreaks

First Post – March 27 2015 New pandemic insurance to prevent crises through early payouts – March 25 2015 Insurance against disease outbreaks for Africa

All Africa – March 16 2015 Africa: Building Universities Cannot Wait for Good Governance

All Africa – March 10 2015 West Africa: View On Private Sector – Insurance for the Next Ebola

CPI Financial – February 28 2015 The Pandemic Premium

All Africa – February 6, 2015 African Risk Capacity to Develop Outbreak and Epidemic Insurance for African Sovereigns

Artemis – February 4 2015 ARC targets 2017 for outbreak and epidemic insurance for Africa

Financial Times – January 28 2015 Africa agency to offer insurance against Ebola

African Law and Business – June 23, 2015 Transparency in the Time of Ebola: Encouraging the Timely Sharing of Outbreak Data


G7 2015 – Endorsement of ARC

G7 Declaration – June 7-8 2015 Leadersʼ Declaration G7 Summit

IISD – May 7 2015 G7, Insurance Industry Collaborate on Climate Resilience

Reuters – June 19 2015 Insurance gains clout as climate change solution for the poor

G7G20 – July 20 2015 African Risk Capacity: insurance against disaster

Insurance Journal – July 7, 2015 G7 Endorses African Risk Capacity Program as Model for Climate Insurance



Reuters – July 9 2015 Africa’s climate insurance scheme expands, eyes aid agency clients

Insurance Journal – July 7, 2015 G7 Endorses African Risk Capacity Program as Model for Climate Insurance

Nephila Capital – July 29 2015 Nephila Capital Ltd Protects Farmers Across Africa Against Drought

The Royal Gazette – July 10 2015 G7 praise for Island’s African insurer


Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030:

Prevention Web – April 21 2015 What next for the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction?

Artemis – March 15 2015 Risk transfer & re/insurance key to raising world’s disaster resilience


ARC $26mn payout to Senegal, Mauritania and Niger

Reuters – February 13 2015 UN Seeks US$ 2 billion Aid in Sahel as Conflict Worsens

Royal Gazette – January 27 2015 Bermuda Insurance Helps Drought-Hit Nations

Insurance Journal – January 26 2015 African Risk Capacity (ARC) Payouts to Exceed $25 Million

English Press release covered in Reuters- January 22 2015 Drought Triggers Insurance Payout in Sahel Ahead of Humanitarian Aid  – Also covered in Abuja Voice; Business Ghana; Bloomberg; One World; News for Africa; Nigerian Voice; Insurance Gateway; AfricaNews Circle; Africa Manager; Afrik News; Fidelity Research; Modern Ghana; Star Africa; BizWire; Afriquelet; Africa News; Africa24; Veeoz; Africa Science News; Agro Insurance; Claims Journal; Africa News Desk; News Desk; Business World; Zimbabwe Online News; Africa Cradle; Making Finance Work In Africa; Africanspot; Fin24

French Press release covered in Afrikanspot – January 22 2015 La sécheresse déclenche le paiement d’assurance en Mauritanie, au Niger et au Sénégal – Also covered in Afryka; Echsar; NigerDiaspora; MedaAfrica; Financial Afrik; Agence EcoFin; Afropages; AfricaTime; LeSoleil;; Mauriweb; Dakar-Echo; AllAfrica; Senenews; MediaNiger; NewsForAfrica; Rewmi; Business Today; APS; AllAfrica; LeMagazineDuManager; PressAfrik; LeSoileil; SudOnLine; La Source; Liberation Niger; Echosdufaso

Miscellaneous 2015:

Artemis – December 2, 2015 Cat bonds can help provide $200-300bn for climate change shocks: Rockefeller Foundation

Artemis – December 22, 2015 ILS and cat bonds can be a socially responsible investment: Mercer

Forbes – December 22, 2015 African Risk Capacity: Insurance for African development

The Royal Gazette – December 2, 2015 McGavick: insurers can combat climate risks

Wirtschafts Blatt – November 23, 2015 Klimafinanzierung: Das 100-Milliarden-Versprechen

Prevention Web – November 18 2015 Understanding Risk Forum opens in Addis Ababa

Project Syndicate – November 12, 2015 Nicholas Stern: Keeping the Climate-Finance Promise

The New Republic – November 1 2015 Who Will Pay for Climate Change?

Center for American Progress – October 14 2015 Climate-Related Risk Insurance: A New Opportunity for US-China Collaboration

The Guardian – October 7 2015 African countries turn to insurance to safeguard against climate change

Ventures Africa – October 1 2015 Why African Financial Institutions Should Contribute to the Discussion on Climate Change

Les Afriques – September 25 2015 Climat: ARC, les solutions aux risques

Artemis – September 9 2015 Convergence essential for insurance to reach the vulnerable

The Insurance Research Letter – September 2015 • ISSN #2165-2740 • Vol. 18 No. 9 (password required)  African Risk Capacity: Closing the Disaster Gap

IRIN – August 17 2015 Bright ideas for better aid

Devex – July 15 2015 Insurance, ‘an essential policy instrument’ for the SDGs

Reuters – June 19 2015  Insurance gains clout as climate change solution for the poor

IPS News – June 18 2015 New Approaches to Managing Disaster Focus on Resilience

The Economist – June 12 2015 Narrow-minded

American Progress – June 10 2015 Harnessing Insurance Markets to Enhance Climate Resilience

The Bermuda Report – June 8 2015 The Bermuda Report

Huffington Post – June 5 2015 Swiss Re Global Partners Chairman Martyn Parker: Protection Cannot Happen After the Event

CNBC Africa – June 4 2015 Africa Spends Millions Preparing For Natural Disasters

E&E Publishing – June 4 2015 Companies and regulators explore how a low-carbon emissions economy would work

Artemis – April 28 2015 Climate change to challenge re/insurers risk management: S&P

Madagate – April 8 2015 Madagascar. African Risk Capacity débarque

Artemis – March 6 2015 UN report reveals re/insurance & ILS can do more on disaster resilience

Artemis – February 20 2015 Where next for African Risk Capacity, Dr. Simon Young

The Independent – February 12 2015 Insurance offers new hope to Africa in fight against drought and natural disasters

Financial Afrik – February 5 2015 ARC est né de la volonté des Chefs d’États africains

XCF Launch at UN Climate Summit:

Risk Management Magazine – December 2, 2014 Using Cat Bonds for Climate Change Risks

AllAfrica (French) – October 22, 2014 A la recherche de fonds afin d’investir dans l’adaptation aux changements climatiques

L’Intelligent D’Abidjan – October 3, 2014 Lutte Contre Le Changement Climatique / Afin De Mobiliser Les Ressources

The Green Africa Directory – September 30, 2014 Africa to issue over US $1 Billion in Climate Change Bonds

The Insurance Insider – September 29, 2014 ARC to issue climate bonds

Risk Market News – September 26, 2014 Catastrophe Strategy: Africa Risk Capacity’s Dr. Joanna Syroka,

Reuters Africa – September 26, 2014 Africa adds climate change bonds to global warming arsenal

The Huffington Post – September 26, 2014 Africa to Issue $1 Billion in Climate Bonds

La Tribune – September 25, 2014 L’Afrique lance des obligations anti-catastrophes climatiques

Le Soleil – September 25, 2014 Changements climatiques : L’Afrique sollicite entre 10 et 20 milliards de dollars par an d’ici à 2050

Agence France-Press – September 25, 2014 Afrique: des obligations pour la gestion des catastrophes climatiques (agence UA)

Environment News Service – September 25, 2014 United Nations Climate Summit achieves bold action

Press Afrik – September 24, 2014 Sommet sur le climat : 1 milliard de dollars pour lutter contre les changements climatiques en Afrique

Agence Ecofin – September 24, 2014 L’African Risk Capacity va mobiliser 1 milliard $ d’obligations pour lutter contre le changement climatique

Headlines & Global News – September 24, 2014 Africa to Issue $1 Billion in Climate Change Bonds

CPI Financial – September 23, 2014 African countries to Issue more than $1 billion in climate change bonds

Structured Credit Investor – September 23, 2014 Climate change cat bonds prepped


Artemis – September 23, 2014 Climate change catastrophe bonds for Africa to be launched by ARC

Insurance Day – September 23, 2014 XCF launched as $1bn cat bond facility for Africa

IISD Reporting Services – September 22, 2014 Africa to Issue over US$1 Billion in Climate Change Catastrophe Bonds – September 24, 2014 Swiss Re pledges $10bn in re/insurance capacity for climate risks

PreventionWeb – September 23, 2014 Swiss Re at UN Climate Summit

ARC Pool I Launched:

Commercial Risk Africa – 19 June 2014 Africa launches its first pool for catastrophe drought risks

Wetlands International – 18 June 2014 Impact of global warming on food security in vulnerable areas in Africa

London School of Economics – 2 June 2014 New insurance scheme boosts Africa’s battle against climate change

Insurance Journal – 23 May 2014 Africa can tap global reinsurance markets; Why not Florida?

Daily Independent (Nigeria) – 20 May 2014 AU Opts for Insurance to Stop Reliance On External Aid

Swiss Re – May 2014 African Risk Capacity: protecting agriculture investments in Africa

Reuters – 15 May 2014 Africa assumes onus on disaster relief with catastrophe insurance pool

Wall Street Journal – 15 May 2014 Willis Brokers $55 Million Reinsurance Capacity for First African Catastrophe Insurance Pool

Miscellaneous 2014:

Trading Risk – December 12 2014 ILS appetite rises for emerging market disaster risk (Password protected)

Munich Re – December 11 2014 African governments seek protection against negative impact of drought on their vulnerable population, and cede drought risk to ARC Ltd. – December 2, 2014 Weather-index microinsurance growing up, targeting sustainability

World Resources Institute – 20 June 2014 A Time For Action: 3 Reasons to Urgently Capitalize the Green Climate Fund

AU Commission – 24 April 2014 Commissioner H.E. Tumusiime Rhoda Peace discusses ARC with OCHA representative in Addis Ababa

Daily News (Tanzania) – 2 April 2014 Mitigating disasters need collective efforts

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) – March 2014 Saving Lives Today and Tomorrow: Managing the Risk of Humanitarian Crises

The Punch (Nigeria) – 30 March 2014 African ministers of finance adopted a resolution requesting ARC to develop an arrangement linking climate finance to increased increased climate volatility

DRC Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – 20 March 2014 Jacques Diouf sensibilise le Gouvernement afin de ratifier la mutuelle panafricain des risques

Rwanda Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources – 20 March 2014 ARC to strengthen risk mitigation in Rwanda

International Conference on “Human Security, Peace and Development: Agenda for 21st Century Africa” – 27 February 2014 Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan cites ARC as key tool to manage climate change impacts

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs – 18 February 2014 Managing Risk at All Levels

Swiss Re Open Minds – 30 January 2014 African Risk Capacity – a game-changer for Africa?

Versicherungswirtschaft Heute (Germany) – 28 January 2014 First Drought Insurance for African Countries (in German)

Bocquel News (Germany) – 27 January 2014 Launch of New Drought Insurance in Africa (in German)

KfW – 24 January 2014 Press Release: KfW support for drought insurance for Africa

Vanguard (Nigeria) – 21 January 2014 Lead Group considers $30bn [sic] for African Risk Capacity