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Relief Web – November 27 2015 Impact Assessment: African Risk Capacity (ARC)

University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership – July 2015 Insurance regulation for sustainable development

Africa Progress Panel – May 2014 Financing Africa’s Green and Blue Revolutions (ARC should be a top priority for the region)

Germanwatch – March 2014 ARC cited as a key initiative for loss and damage outside of the UNFCCC

EU – 2013 – EU Climate Funding 2013: Featuring ARC

Oxford University/ IFPRI – September 2013 – Cost Benefit Analysis of the African Risk Capacity Facility – Daniel J. Clarke and Ruth Vargas Hill

Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue – January 2013 – From managing crises to managing risks – Lucy Nyirenda and David Goodman

WFP – 2012 – WFP in Africa: 2012 Facts, Figures and Partners

Journal of International Affairs – March 2006 – Rethinking International Disaster Aid Finance – Joanna Syroka and Richard Wilcox

ARC Publications:

African Risk Capacity – September 2015 – Agenda for Action on Climate Resilience for Africa by 2020

African Risk Capacity – The Cost of Drought in Africa

African Risk Capacity – January 2014 – Building Resilience to Climate Change in Africa