African Risk Capacity Celebrates Africa Day 2018

African Risk Capacity celebrates Africa Day 2018 as a proud African Union institution.

ARC embraces its diversity and unity as a pan-African institution striving towards a more prosperous and resilient Africa. Aligned with fellow AU institutions, ARC reflected on the role it plays in achieving the AU Agenda 2063 and how ARC drives forth the principles self-reliance across the continent.

ARC Director-General Mohamed Beavogui shares his thoughts on ARC and the African Union on Africa Day 2018.

Today, I join Africans from all walks of life and across the globe to congratulate our Member States on the commemoration of 54 years since Africa took its destiny in hand towards a more prosperous future for all.

As a Specialised Agency of the African Union, with the mandate to help African countries improve their capacities to respond to climate risks and natural disasters, the African Risk Capacity (ARC) is a testimony to an Africa that seeks a shared prosperity through inclusive growth and bottom-up empowerment for sustainable development.

We believe that strong institutions are vital to good governance and entrenching a fair system shun of corruption.

ARC is a pan-African climate response system for African countries to meet the needs of Africans harmed by natural disasters in a cost-effective, transparent and timely manner.

We believe that providing sustainable solutions against the impacts of natural disaster risks will help achieve the vision of our Founding Fathers for an equitable and fair Africa freed from the tyranny of poverty and food insecurity.

Today, the African Risk Capacity stands with the African Union as we renew the commitment to achieving the aspirations of The Agenda 2063; and winning the fight against corruption towards creating a sustainable path to the Africa We Want.

Mohamed Beavogui
United Nations Assistant Security-General / Director-General
African Risk Capacity