Sudan Country Engagement: ARC Treaty Ratification workshop

In conclusion of a series of high-level engagements with the Government of Sudan, and other partners in the past week, a workshop was held on the 5th of July on the topic of ARC Treaty Ratification and an Introduction to online training courses with the Technical Work Group (TWG), and other key stakeholders involved in the treaty ratification process.

The workshop discussed the best strategies to accelerate the ARC Treaty ratification process in Sudan; shared relevant information to enhance the TWG’s knowledge of the African RiskView (ARV) drought monitoring platform; and provided an in-depth analysis of ARC’s concept, particularly on its leadership in changing the way Africa responds to disasters.

ARC was established to assist its Member States to move away from a culture of crisis management to improved planning and preparedness for early disaster response.

Working together with its insurance affiliate, ARC Limited, the Group provides a series of distinct, but interrelated, critical technical and financial services to Members. This ranges from capacity building, early warning, contingency planning, risk pooling and sovereign risk insurance functions.

ARC membership is open to all African Union Member States. To join, a Member State first has to sign the ARC Treaty (Establishment Agreement), and thereafter, a Memorandum of Understanding.

However, it is only by the ratification of ARC Treaty that a Member State is able to have full access to all the products and services offered by the institution. This normally includes on-demand capacity building for proactive risk preparedness, participation in cutting-edge research and development, free access to the ARV, participation in a continent-wide, African owned Risk Pool, and in ARC Conference of Parties, among other inherent benefits.

ARC is the leading development insurer in the world; and the first disaster risk insurance pool to link contingency plans to payouts upon the trigger of set parameters. But the process leading to a payout begins with technical assistance to countries to better understand their risk profiles, development of contingency plans, among other activities.

“By ratifying ARC Treaty, a Member State is assured of easy access to the full complement of our innovative tools, particularly risk modeling, and contingency planning services, which help in determining risk financing and risk transfer options. The Government of Sudan has through the workshop shown continuing interest in ARC as a partner of choice for building the country’s resilience against natural disasters risks.”
~ Ibrahima Cheikh DIONG

The Government of Sudan had signed the ARC Establishment Agreement early in 2018, and later in the same year, signed an MoU which set the terms and conditions for a technical cooperation framework against extreme weather events. It is expected that the Treaty ratification process will be concluded in the coming months as the country continues to show strong confidence in ARC mechanism.

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