ARC Strategic Framework

The ARC Group Strategy 2020 – 2024 is built around the organisation’s key mandate of assisting AU Member States improve their capacities to plan, prepare for and respond to extreme weather events and natural disasters effectively. Designed to set the Group on a new trajectory, the refreshed strategy seeks to align ARC’s programmes with national, regional and continental development agendas and build robust natural disaster resilience on the African Continent.

ARC’s three strategic objectives of Innovate, Strengthen and Grow will steer the organisation towards its goals and ensure the continent’s Disaster Risk Management efforts protect the lives and livelihoods of populations at risk. Initiatives prioritised for each strategic objective can be summarised as follows:

ARC Group Strategy 2020 – 2024 Summary

SO1: Innovate – A dynamic approach to research and development

A focused research and development approach

Innovative contingency planning & improvement

Ongoing insurance Product development

A focus on quality assurance processes

SO2: Strengthen – Strengthen DRM on the African Continent

Robust early-warning and preparedness tools

Streamlined country engagement

Extensive focus on capacity building

Improve accountability

SO3: Grow – Increase scalability of ARC operations and insurance coverage

Influence DRM policy framework

Increase Member State Participation

Increase humanitarian actors’ participation

Provide incentives to Member States

<========== Cross-cutting initiatives supporting the strategy ==========>

A Comprehensive monitoring and evaluation function to uphold standards

Institutionalisation of gender equality principles in all ARC processes

Use communication and advocacy efforts to drive the continent’s DRM

To meet the needs of Member States, a key focus will be the enhancement of ARC’s product portfolio. Significant progress has been made towards the development of new products to cover other risks such as tropical cyclones, floods and outbreaks and epidemics, with most already at advanced stages of research and development.

Notably, the strategy also highlights the organisation’s commitment to mainstreaming gender equality principles in all processes. With a new Gender Strategy, ARC will ensure that all processes are reflective of its goal of ensuring the inclusion of vulnerable men, women, and children in all DRM approaches.